signed digi-pack DVD - with bonus material

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signed digi-pack DVD - with bonus material

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The exploits and misadventures of film character impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes on Hollywood Boulevard over the span of a year. Freddy Krueger works alongside Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Shrek, Lucy, Batman, and Borat. Competing Chewbacca’s, Spidermen and Captain Jack Sparrow’s vie for a spot on the limited real estate of The Walk Of Fame. These street characters have big dreams of breaking into the big-time, in the meantime they forge a living one-dollar at a time, posing for photos with tourists. 
These characters are literally right out of the movies, yet the unforeseen drama of the people underneath the make-up threatens to eclipse the bizarre array of Hollywood film icons they appropriate. Director David Markey says, ''’The Reinactors’ plays like a great-depression era Hollywood classic retold for the new millennium. It's also a film about the cutthroat nature backstage and behind the scenes of show business. An American Idol on crack, if you will.”

"A strange and tragic portrait of a dream that lives on one block of Hollywood Boulevard and kind of in our whole country, too. Thank god Dave Markey made it funny at least." 

- Spike Jonze

“A thoughtful portrait of life at the waking end of the Hollywood dream one more far recognizable than any studio creation."

- Jason Sanders, FilmMaker Magazine

**** 1/2 Stars "These characters are endearing, somewhat scary, but all are interesting. A wonderful, compassionate study of Hollywood oddballs."

-Bernard Perusse, The Montreal Gazette

"A bittersweet look at a tribe of desperate dreamers.  David Markey dives deep into the subterranean nooks and crannies of this bizarre subculture and surfaces with cinematic gold." - Ann Magnuson, The Paper