This DVD collects the life works of Los Angeles filmmaker David Markey.
This is 30 years (1974 - 2004) of totally individualistic and extremely
expressive movie creation. Markey's films embody California...the beauty
and menace of LA...the smog and the palms, Markey communicates pure
California through is work. Even though the first movie on here 'The
Devil's Exorcist' was made when Markey was just 11 years old it breaths

sophistication and ambiance. Much of it shot against the sunlight creates an unsettling
tone and the repetitive synth backing adds to this apprehension... Markey
knew what he wanted and how to convey it even at that age.
Markey is fascinated by masks and I can't tell you how I can relate to
that...I remember the first time I saw DEVO's 'The complete truth about
De-Evolution' I was sucked right in, and I became even further obsessed
about masks and I've been collecting them since I was a kid and I still
watch that weekly...Markey is all about that and the fact that DEVO
provide backing music to some of his films is no coincidence.
There's a lot of juxtaposition and contrast of youth and elders running
through Markey's work, the youth is very chaotic and unsettled and I
suppose that reflects the moviemaker...but there's also a strong theme
of youth togetherness too. It really hard to properly describe Markey's
work, it stunning stuff that's for sure but you have to see it and let
yourself get sucked in my his awesome creativity and ingredients, this
is a guy who never followed any rules other than what he set for
himself, it's pure freedom. Fucked up freedom, sure, but also a very beautiful

independence. There's a very strong punk attitude about his work in that respect.

His work is very much a cut n' paste montage and he throws all kinds of things into
the mix: beaches, cityscapes, pool skating, surfing, death etc.
The other side of Markey' work which is more straightforward and
comprehensible is his music videos that he made from Sonic Youth, The
Posies and Eyes Adrift. Of course these have the unmistakable Markey
approach but there is always going to be a restriction when you have to
include the band in the video etc...not to say they aren't great too,
it's just that his movies steal the show by miles over the videos.
I love this collection and maybe it's because I'm an arty fuck up but
Markey speaks to me and this is type of thing I'll watch every week for
a long time...I get hooked on shit like this and I truly believe that
people should see this type of thing, everything's so shiny and polished
and formulaic these days and it's time they got some jerky, erratic and
unpredictable elements in their lives.
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