(Shot in 1986 and completed by director David Markey in 1991 for We Got Power Films, approx. 62 min., Super 8 film)

Three bands and crew (a combined total of 13 individuals), 2 Dodge Ram extended cab vans, one equipment truck, one PA system traverse the continental US for six months. A road documentary shot from the inside of the last Black Flag tour ever (the 1986 "In My Head" US tour.)  Greg Ginn along with Henry Rollins, Cel Revulta, and Anthony Martinez comprise the final line up of the band. Featuring behind the scenes proceedings and live performances from Black Flag, Painted Willie, and Gone (Ginn's side project, then featuring Sim Cain and Andrew Weiss (later of the Rollins Band) . David Markey was along for the entire trip as the drummer / singer for Painted Willie (with Phil Newman & Vic Makauskas), documenting the six month tour with his Super-8 camera as it happened. Also features roadie Joe (Planet Joe) Cole, soundmen Davo Claasen and Dave "Ratman" Levine, and the tour manager who kept it all together, Mitch Bury. A crucial turning point in American underground rock. The end of the line for a trail blazing American band. 

A message from the filmmaker:

In 1991 I completed a one hour and two minute Super-8 sound film I called "Reality 86'd'. This film documented the last Black Flag tour in 1986, which I was a part of. Greg Ginn signed Painted Willie to SST Records label and brought the band along on the road for six months that year. This also happened to be the final "Black Flag" tour until 27 years later in 2013 when the band reformed out of the blue, in two different incarnations and one flailing lawsuit. SST Records owner / Black Flag guitarist, sole original member Greg Ginn refused the film's release upon my offering it to him shortly after I completed it for reasons I will never really understand. Furthermore, he has held the film prisoner ever since, having it removed from my You Tube and Vimeo accounts for "copyright violation". A film I created and produced for the most part myself, featuring a band I was in and wrote songs for (Painted Willie).  A band that he himself had signed, produced, and took on the longest Black Flag tour in the band's history. More recently, he also had promotional music videos I directed for Black Flag and other SST artists yanked from my You Tube account (again, including my own band), subsequently causing me to lose an account completely ("".) While "Reality 86'd" was briefly online it garnered a lot of views (50k in two weeks!), press and attention. Others copied it and reposted it numerous times on You Tube and Vimeo, and it remains available online for the time being. Apparently it is available on bit-torrent sites as well, if you are into that sort of stuff. Personally, I do not download artists work from the internet, however, given the situation, I'd much rather the film be seen than not.

-David Markey

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