11-25-09  The Reinactors to screen in Berlin!

Happy to announce The Reinactors will be a part of the Unknown Pleasures Film Festival, in Berlin, Germany taking place January 2010


9-22-09  The Reinactors DVD is out now! 

The wait is over!  We are very happy to announce the "Copyright Violation Edition" DVD is now available in a limited edition, signed and numbered handsome Digi-pack from We Got Power Films.  The disc includes the Theatrical Trailer, a Half hour of Highly Entertaining Deleted Scenes, Feature-ettes ("Meet the Reinactors","A Wrinkle in the Hollywood Dream" & "World Premier @ Rotterdam") Region "0" (playable in all regions) Closed Captioned for the Hearing Impaired


9-7-09  The Reinactors Make its Cable TV Debut!

We are thrilled to announce The Reinactors will be making its cable television debut in Canada in September on Super Channel.  Further info here.


4-4-09  Off to Switzerland

David J. Markey's The Reinactors successful festival run has just extended into 2009.  Just as the DVD is very close to wrapping production (with over an hours worth of highly entertaining extras), the documentary feature about street performers on Hollywood Blvd. is being invited to the forthcoming Clair-Obscur Film Festival 2009 in Basel, Switzerland.  We are very happy to see the film continue it's journey around the world.  Your luck can change a thousand times a day!


10-22-08  The Reinactors to screen in Angola!

We are honored to announce The Reinactors will be a part of the very first film festival in Angola, in the city of Luanda.  After 30 years of civil war and democratic elections last September, Angola will host this historic first time event as the International Luanda Film Festival being held November 22 through 29, 2008.  This marks the ninth festival play for the independent documentary feature.


9-25-08  The Reinactors to screen in Montreal

RIDM - Les Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montreal has invited David J. Markey's The Reinactors to be a part of their 11th annual film festival in Montreal, Canada this November 13-23.  This marks the 8th International Festival play for the film, which has been slowly creeping across the globe throughout 2008.

7-23-08  The Reinactors Takes Manhattan

We are very pleased to announce the New York City Premier at the New York United Film Festival The Reinactors Screens: Sunday September 7th, 2008, 7:45pm at the Millennium, 66 East 4th St., New York, NY 10003,  $10 admission.  Advance tickets encouraged, available here.

5-27-08  The Reinactors Heads into Summer with New Festivals

We are pleased to announce Bunker Film Festival (Veritmiglia, Italy) and the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN) (Bucheon, Korea) as the latest additions to the international itinerary for David Markey's globetrotting documentary The Reinactors. Over the next few weeks we expect to be announcing additional festivals, so keep your browsers pointed in our general direction for the 411.


David Markey Dallas Texas 4-23-08 (Photo by Scott Mankoff)

USAFilm Festival Photo Gallery

3-25-08  The Reinactors Screens at Three International Film Festivals in April

Buenos Aires Festival International Cine Independent (BAFICI) welcomes filmmaker David J. Markey back with his new documentary feature The Reinactors, his 2008 international film festival sensation.  BAFICI previously exhibited 5 of Markey's films during their 2005 program (The Slog Movie, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, Lovedolls Superstar Fully Realized, 1991 The Year Punk Broke, & (This Is Known As)The Blues Scale, profiling Markey's work for South American audiences for the first time outside of the black market.  Markey looks forward to bringing his new film south of the equator, and introducing Argentinians to the phenomena of "re-inacting".  Next on the international itinerary, The Reinactors will be a part of this year's INDIE LISBOA Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal).  This marks the first time David Markey's work will be screened in Portugal.  And finally, not to be left out of his own country, we are excited to see the US Premier of the film at the USA Film Fest, Dallas Texas, rounding out a very busy month for the film and director.  Further festival dates soon to be announced.  Stay tuned!

BAFICI '08 Photo Gallery        Markey's Buenos Aires Blog '08

2-1-08  Reinactors Rocks Rotterdam

Just returned home from International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2008 where The Reinactors world premiered, clearly a resounding success for the film. All the screenings were sold out, with no press or hype. Besides being placed in the top ten audience favorites (Daily Tiger 1-26) , "The Reinactors" also picked up 7 additional international film festivals. The future brightening considerably for the film, thank you Film Festival Rotterdam and Cameron Jamie.  Cameron's films (BB, JO, Spook House, & Kranky Clause) were shown along with live performaces from The Melvins and Keiji Heino.  My 1982 LA punk doc The Slog Movie was also screened as a part of Cameron's Cinematic Nuggets.    -David Markey 

Rotterdam '08 Photo Gallery