Notes on Mudhoney video shoot for

"Who You Drivin' Now" and "Fuzz Gun '91"

Shot sometime in the fall of 1991 (I think). Mudhoney
were playing a few So Cal area dates and either they
or someone at Sub Pop contacted me about doing a low
budget video for the song "Who You Drivin' Now?". I
think it was a thousand and a half dollars. I shot
Super-8 film with the same camera I shot my "1991
TYPB" movie with, that was just overhauled and
repaired after (literally) "breaking" on that tour.

I was to meet the band in Tiajuana, Mexico for the
first day of the shoot. I brought along a minimal
crew, Dez (Black Flag) Cadena and my producer Tuesday
Deneuve. They mostly hung out in the dressing room
drinking beer, god bless them. I took the band outside
and shot alot of goofy stuff. I liked the leap-frogging

sequence best. I also asked them to do their favorite

"HB Strut Slam Dance" moves (as seen in
"The Decline Of The Western Civilzation"). I shot on
stage during soundcheck and at the show that night,
and it is featured prominantly in the vid, especially
the pit.

The next night was LA at the Palace. I also shot at
this show and it's featured in both videos. How the
second one came about, I will relate in a moment.
Before the show I took the band around Hollywood and
shot them at the Bronson (Batman) Caves in the hills
near the Hollywood sign. A location I knew from my
"Lovedolls Superstar" shoot six years previously.

I had Dez drive my Dodge pickup truck (quite a feat
considering it is probably the only time he has ever
driven a vehicle in his life!) while I shot Mark and
Matt pretending to be driving motorcycles. I like the
scene at the end where Matt gives Mark a peck on the

That night at the show Dez joined the band on stage
for a couple Black Flag covers ("Nervous Breakdown"
and "Fix Me" I believe) joined by Duff McKegan of the
superhugeatthetimebutInevermuchcaredfor Gun's N Roses.
I remember Dez making fun of him. Quite strange that
years later they would become friends and play in a
band together. Oh well, that's rock 'n' roll baby.

After I delivered the video to Sub Pop, one of the
guys, I think it was Jonathan, called me and asked if
I had any leftover footage for a second video. He
offered another grand or so, and I was then busy at
work editing "Fuzz Gun '91", a video at the time I did
not think much of. I think it's even more daft than
"Who You Drivin'". I remember Kim from Sonic Youth
said to me, it reminded her the opening of the
Monkees. But somehow it's aged well. Or at least
better than I remember it.

-David Markey